7 Awesome Ways to Choose Right Swimming Pool Contractor in Abu Dhabi

Guide to Ensure Smooth Swimming Pool Construction and Designing

It is very simple to find swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi. But the main crux is to find the one with the potential of creating perfect pools. Building a pool is a bit of a lengthy and complex process. It requires hundreds of considerations from different perspectives. You need a contractor of caliber to give you a pool that is elegant as well as long-lasting. High-end architecture and engineering are expected to give you an ultra-modern pool.

A swimming pool in homes is more than just an oasis to splash and relax. It is a place in your backyard to spend quality time with your family and friends. It can be a lovely venue for your pool parties. But choosing the wrong pool contractor may turn your pool building plan into a disaster. To get an elegant and highly functional pool, you need to choose the right company for swimming pool construction in Abu Dhabi. And yet again it requires a little research and homework. But it is worth doing as you are going to invest a huge amount into your dream pool.

How To Find Best Swimming Pool Contractors For Building Exceptional Pools

Here is our checklist that will show you ways to select the best pool contractor. The more you are aware of these things, the better you can understand the pool companies and their offers.

  1. Prepare Basic Plan

Do some research and prepare a basic plan before you start looking for a pool builder. Check what type of pool is more suitable. Consider the area of your backyard, your requirements, and your budget. Choose a pool that is compatible with your lifestyle or how you are going to use your pool. In short, identify and prepare a note regarding the maximum outlay and your precise expectations and needs. When you consult your contractor, discuss your needs. Whether you want a pool purely for fitness or for relaxation or spa. Also, clarify if you want the pool to be suitable for kids before swimming pool construction.

  1. Decide Pool Type

We have listed the major types of the pool but you can explore more about the pool types using online resources. You may consult your friends who are already having residential pools.

Pool Types in Abu Dhabi-

  • Above ground pool
  • Inground pool – Inground pools can be a vinyl liner, concrete, and fiberglass
  • Hot Tubs and Spas
  • Lap Pools
  • Infinity Pools
  • Swim Spas

The pool types should be determined depending upon the purpose, budget, size, shape, and area. Also, you should discuss the maintenance cost of every type of pool.

  1. Do Research on the Pool Contractors

Once you get an idea of what type of pool you want, you can choose a contractor who specializes in creating it. Concrete pools are very popular but you can consult the companies for the other types as well. The more you converse with the pool designer, the more you will learn about his or her know-how and experience. Choose a company with high expertise in creating residential pools and spas in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Check Basic Requirements of the Company

First and first, make sure that the pool construction company is a valid and certified one. It should be holding necessary state licenses of the respective industry. Inquire about the insurance part and liability during and after the pool construction process. Inquire about their associations and registrations with local bodies related to the pool industry. Also, prefer to see the samples of the pool they have created in the past. They should have knowledge of local regulations with regard to swimming pools and spas.

  1. Check Recognition and Repute

As you approach a couple of swimming pool construction contractors in Abu Dhabi, check their experience. How recognized they are in the industry? You may check the online reviews but do not rely only on the reviews. Try if you can get references and recommendations from their previous customers. Get advice from your friends and neighbors if possible. Check the client portfolio of the pool builder and it will tell you a lot about the company. Solid reputation and experience in building pools in Abu Dhabi are important.

  1. Discuss the Turnaround Time

Pool building is a time-consuming process for any swimming pool contractor in Abu Dhabi.  A professional pool builder will commission and complete the project in the prescribed timeline. Agree on a reasonable timeline for the beginning and implementation of the project. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to build a pool. But again, it depends on the type and size of the pool you are creating. The more complex the design, the more time and budget it will need. Also, check the kind of support and maintenance services after the pool is done. Get agreed on the number and amount of partial payments before initiation, during the process.  Discuss if you want to fulfill a certain amount only after completion of the project.

  1. Pool Designing

Building a pool is much more than creating a structure of concrete or vinyl. The design is extremely important to create a pool that looks elegant. A beautiful pool surrounding, pool fences, illumination, and water features simply transform the way your pool looks. If you are looking for a pool that is also a pretty place for small gatherings, designing is extremely important. Hence make sure the pool contractor you have chosen is covering comprehensive services. Get a quotation for a turnkey project from initiation to designing & maintenance.

All these may look like very tedious and troublesome things. But proper planning is worth doing as your pool is huge as well as a long-term investment. The pool is going to be an important asset in your home augmenting the overall value of your property.


The above checklist is important. At the same time be careful about certain dangers. Do not risk giving out all the money in advance before the initiation of the project. Discuss the payment methods and amounts with swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi. It would be too risky and naive to do that. Work within your budget and agree on fulfilling complete payment at the end of the construction. Once your dream pool is ready, maintain it properly to ensure it goes a long way for you.

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